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Meet the Author Donna Larsen

Donna Larsen

Billboard Award Winning songwriter, Donna Larsen, has been drawn into the magic of music since childhood. Upon the arrival of her son, the first sound he heard was his mother’s voice singing a song she had written just for him. After a short while, Donna had compiled quite a few children’s songs. So began her original children’s show “PajamaTime!”.  She also enjoys lending her talent for Fund Raisers and Benefits for children in and around San Diego County. Each new song that she writes is inspired by the love of her children and all children. Donna admits freely that her inner child is alive and well, and continues to be moved by the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

She began playing her original music in coffee houses and clubs in San Diego, California while still a teenager, and has since enjoyed performing music in many locations and configurations. As a talented young woman, the influence of the great, strong, and passionate singers inspired her as she formed her unique vocal style. Donna has cherished the experiences of performing in North America from Alaska to Oaxaca, Mexico, and in Europe from Prague to Budapest and Vienna. The richness of these varied cultures has contributed to her music becoming more insightful and spiritually centered. She produces music that is thought provoking, positive, and spiritually alive, always with a balance in mind.

For Donna Larsen, it has always been about the music in life. She knows that music can speak directly to the heart.It has the power to transform how we feel,  and to take us deep inside ourselves, or to any destination imaginable.Her wish is that this songbook and CD become favorites to be shared, sung together, and loved forever. As you listen to this music and drink in this beautiful imagery, the hope is that you will experience feelings of wonder and joy. So let her take you with her to see what can be found in this richly illustrated Children’s Song Book, In My Own Backyard!