This beautifully illustrated children’s songbook offers up heartwarming and imaginative songs about all that is real and fantasy, in a child’s backyard. Swing from your favorite swing, watch a butterfly fly by, find faeries that hide in the grass, take off with your friend Charlie the Dragon, or join the circus! The characters and feelings that come to life in this musical journey will take you right into the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

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Donna Larsen


For Donna Larsen, it has always been about the music in life. She knows that music can speak directly to the heart. It has the power to transform how we feel,  and to take us deep inside ourselves, or to any destination imaginable. Her wish is that this songbook and CD become favorites to be shared, sung together, and loved forever. As you listen to this music and drink in this beautiful imagery, the hope is that you will experience feelings of wonder and joy. So let her take you with her to see what can be found in this richly illustrated Children’s Song Book, In My Own Backyard!

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Michelle Reilly


Michelle Reilly is an accomplished artist and native of San Diego. Most days she can be found in her studio or in her garden. Making art and growing things are what she loves best. Art-making with children Ananda and Sean is a family affair at the Reilly house. Michelle is a brilliant encaustic painter (melted bees wax and pigment on panel), and also enjoys collaborating with children and making useful art objects out of discarded items. “My art is an expression of a deep appreciation and connection to nature. My hope is that my paintings will facilitate awareness of the impact we have in the world.”

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